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Restore your smile with professional restorative dental care from Fred A Bubernak DDS. With 38 years of experience, you can rest assured you're in good hands. We'll give you back your beautiful smile to help boost your confidence and improve your oral health.

Crowns - A variety of crowns (all porcelain, gold, and all gold) to repair teeth that are no longer able to be restored with conventional fillings.

Veneers - Porcelain covering to cosmetically alter the appearance of any unsightly teeth.

Better looking teeth

Inlays and onlays - Restorations fabricated in the laboratory are used to restore decayed or broken teeth.

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Restore your mouth

Our fillings, including composite resin fillings and white composite direct fillings, will help restore your decayed or missing tooth surfaces.

Quality fillings can help restore your smile

Revitalize Your Smile

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